Hi and welcome to Bittersweet!

What's up with the name?
My sweet soft spoken mom created the name seventeen years ago when I was first
launched my hand made business.
The name stuck and now that my mom is in heaven, each time I utter the word, it
echoes a soulful new meaning.

Since then, I've been plugging away making hand made soap and other every day
useful items. Most of those products you'll find here, but I'm also the proprietress of a
brick and mortar shop. A shop that offers my hand made essentials.
At the shop you can touch, feel, and smell the variety of creations.  
My shop is located in a beautiful century old home that I share with my best friend,
Julie. She has her own shop, a vintage boutique.
Together we laugh, cry sometimes, but most of all cherish the moments that create
the memories.

I'm happy you stopped by and I hope you enjoy browsing my collection.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Jill McDowell, Lincoln
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Phone: 816-781-7940